George Vondriska

WWGOA LIVE! March 2021

George Vondriska
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Duration:   1  hrs 2  mins

Looking for some new woodworking knowledge? The Ides of March left us alone, and we had an amazing live stream. Here are the topics George Vondriska covered:

3:30 Free plan download
4:40 Guide bushings vs flush trim bits
9:50 Cleaning the conveyor on a drum sander
11:40 Lathe accessories – Purchasing a Lathe Chuck & Choosing a Starter Set of Lathe Chisels
13:45 12” dovetail jig for 24” wide boards?
15:40 Is plywood square? How to square it up
18:30 Face jointing/planing sequence
20:15 Bandsaws
21:00 Warped glue up
23:30 Flattening slabs
25:35 Balancing bowl blanks
27:18 Shelf life of poly
28:15 Bandsaw tracking to the right. Why?
29:23 Correlation between sandpaper grit and speed
32:00 Using biscuits?
34:34 Power planer for a small shop
35:35 Magnifying lens for a scroll saw
35:50 Birch pre-finished plywood
37:10 Large block. Glue it up?
37:35 Upper kitchen cabinets, covering plywood edges
40:00 Sharpening lathe chisels
44:00 Lock miter bit
45:40 Plastic piece in a jointer fence
47:50 Removing PSA sandpaper
49:50 Top coat George uses
50:25 Wood for cutting threads
51:00 George’s first shop
51:40 Dealing with green bowls
52:50 Bark on live edge slabs
55:40 Router bit for jointing
56:20 Finger joints on PC dovetail jig
56:30 Thin wood in a planer
57:50 Loose tenons, Domino?
58:50 Shelves trimmed with crown molding
59:00 Self centering dowel jig problem
1:00 Tools to start with

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3 Responses to “WWGOA LIVE! March 2021”

  1. Eric hansen

    Does unused Titebond really expire after two years? If so, what happens to my projects that I used Titebond that was 5+ years old over time… are they in danger of falling apart?

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