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Drying Wood in a Microwave

If you don’t have the patience to wait for your green wood bowl blanks to air dry, you can quickly dry them in a microwave. It takes some experimentation to get this right, and this video provides a jumping off point so you can try this procedure in your shop. Related Videos: Time For Green…

Burl Wood Bowl Blanks – Where Do You Start?

One of the best parts of bowl turning is finding chunks of unusual wood that you can turn into amazing bowls. In this case, George was given a huge piece of red oak burl. In this video he explores the burl wood, and walks you through how he changes the huge chunk of wood into…

WWGOA LIVE! December 2019

A big thank you to Paul Mayer for sharing his expertise on December's WWGOA LIVE. This month, George and Paul discussed dust collection, router table options, exotic wood recommendations, and much more.

WWGOA LIVE: June 2021

We had a wonderful flurry of questions during our WWGOA LIVE event with George Vondriska. If you missed the June LIVE event, watch the full recap now to hear about table saw kickback, storing boards, pricing your work, and everything in between!

Electric Chainsaw + Log = Wood Turning Blanks

Bowl turners are typically scroungers. They’re constantly on the lookout for cool looking logs they can turn into bowls. Once you’ve got the log, how do you handle it to easily and safely turn it into a wood turning blank? Here’s one approach. Why Logs? When a tree is first cut down, the wood will…

Time for Green Wood Turning

There are some distinct advantages to turning green wood instead of dry wood, especially for bowls. Although working with green wood can make the cutting process easier, there are some downsides you need to know about. Watch to see if green wood turning is right for you. Related Videos: Drying Wood In A Microwave Chemically…

Master Bowl Turning + DVD

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Ask WWGOA: How to Stop Green Wood from Cracking as it Dries

Question: In prepping blanks for bowl turning, I cut them out of logs for face turning. I am using a freshly felled American Elm stump and a year old Walnut trunk for stock (felled a year ago). The blanks range in size from 6-8″ inches round and 4-6″ thick. Both the Elm and Walnut blanks…

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Turning Large Wooden Bowls

Turning large wooden bowls is a blast! However, it requires some special setup. In this instructional video, the bowl blank started as a log, which is then mounted on a four-jaw chuck for turning. We’ll provide you with what you need to know about special requirements for turning large wooden bowls. Important aspects of working…