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WWGOA LIVE! December 2018

Thanks for stopping in on tonight’s live stream, right in the middle of Santa’s Workshop going full bore. Lots of great questions, hopefully some good answers, too.

1:44 Cutting and joining 6x6s
5:04 Tinting CA glue
6:15 Mineral oils on cutting boards
8:30 Material for table saw jigs
10:38 Rip blade for the table saw
16:08 Where to stand when using the router table
20:20 RPM for routers
22:20 WWGOA live event schedule
23:40 Bandsaw recommendation
25:00 Sanding maple
28:40 Plane or resaw thick stock?
30:07 Floating shelves
32:30 Floor finish
33:40 Kerf on an ATB blade
34:07 Jointer/planer combo machines
35:00 Bugs in wood
36:07 Cutting boards delaminating
37:19 Ceramic bandsaw guides
38:45 Dedicated box joint table saw blade sets
40:45 Making cabinet doors
42:50 Sealer for workbench top
44:00 Cut ¼” plywood into bead board
45:15 Bandsaw blade for logs to lumber
47:30 Reasonable surface finish expectations on the lathe
48:34 Eliminate chipping when cutting in splines on the router table
50:36 Making face frame pieces
51:35 George’s workbench
53:17 Table saw or router for dadoes?
53:40 Bandsaw or thickness planer?
55:17 Trimming veneer
56:00 Flattening slabs
58:04 Disposing of oil soaked rags
59:24 Building 28’ of bookcases
1:00 Bostik Glide Coat
1:00:56 T-tracks in workbench
1:01 George teaching on the road

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