George Vondriska

WWGOA LIVE! December 2018

George Vondriska
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Duration:   1  hrs 3  mins

Thanks for stopping in on tonight’s live stream, right in the middle of Santa’s Workshop going full bore. Lots of great questions, hopefully some good answers, too.

1:44 Cutting and joining 6x6s
5:04 Tinting CA glue
6:15 Mineral oils on cutting boards
8:30 Material for table saw jigs
10:38 Rip blade for the table saw
16:08 Where to stand when using the router table
20:20 RPM for routers
22:20 WWGOA live event schedule
23:40 Bandsaw recommendation
25:00 Sanding maple
28:40 Plane or resaw thick stock?
30:07 Floating shelves
32:30 Floor finish
33:40 Kerf on an ATB blade
34:07 Jointer/planer combo machines
35:00 Bugs in wood
36:07 Cutting boards delaminating
37:19 Ceramic bandsaw guides
38:45 Dedicated box joint table saw blade sets
40:45 Making cabinet doors
42:50 Sealer for workbench top
44:00 Cut ¼” plywood into bead board
45:15 Bandsaw blade for logs to lumber
47:30 Reasonable surface finish expectations on the lathe
48:34 Eliminate chipping when cutting in splines on the router table
50:36 Making face frame pieces
51:35 George’s workbench
53:17 Table saw or router for dadoes?
53:40 Bandsaw or thickness planer?
55:17 Trimming veneer
56:00 Flattening slabs
58:04 Disposing of oil soaked rags
59:24 Building 28’ of bookcases
1:00 Bostik Glide Coat
1:00:56 T-tracks in workbench
1:01 George teaching on the road

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  1. Clay Bearden

    Thanks for all of the information you share!

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