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Check out the Mullet

George Vondriska
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You gotta protect your lungs from dust. Shop vacuums work great, but dust can QUICKLY clog the filter on a shop vacuum. If air can’t get out, air can’t get in, so performance drops off really fast.

What’s a Mullet?

The Mullet High-Speed Cyclone Dust Collector is a cyclonic separator that goes in line between your shop vacuum and the thing you’re grabbing dust from. Its shape creates a cyclonic action that, according to the manufacturer, separates out 99% of the dust and debris so only clean air goes into your shop vacuum. That’s what saves the filter. No dust build up restricting the airflow.

One-piece construction

A very cool aspect of the M5 is that it’s all one piece. If the cyclone you add to your shop vacuum leaks, you’ll lose performance. The Mullet system is rotary molded, with no seams in the main unit.


The variable on the M5 is the height of the port that connects the unit to your shop vacuum. So, the vertical pipe that’s part of that connection comes to you uncut. You cut it in the right spot, insert the T-fitting, and you’ll be perfectly aligned with the port on your vac.

Connections with fasteners

The connections are held in place with small thumb screws. This is great, because we ALL use the shop vacuum hose like a leash to pull the vac around the shop. The thumbscrew is going to keep everything connected.

Know the difference

As you’re setting up dust collection to keep the air clean in your shop, make sure you know the difference between a shop vacuum and a dust collector.

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One Response to “Check out the Mullet”

  1. Frank Hood

    What’s the price? Can I buy it through Woodworkers? Why don’t you have a section where I can buy it through this video

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