George Vondriska

Big Drill Press, Small Bits

George Vondriska
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A drill press provides a great way for drilling holes, but sometimes isn’t capable of doing quite what you want it to do. When it comes to drilling tiny holes, anything 1/16” or less, many drill presses can’t help you. The chuck simply doesn’t get small enough to securely hold little bits. And that’s a bit of a problem.

Problem Solved

The solution for your big chuck is to add a little chuck. Small chucks like this one can be added to your drill press, and the jaws go waaaaay smaller, nearly to zero, so you can grab even the most needle-like drill bit.

Another Benefit

Do you own an impact driver? Most impact drivers have quick-change chucks that accept ¼” locking shanked bits. Since this chuck has that configuration, you can also use it in your impact driver, allowing the driver to accept round-shanked drill bits. Double win!

Keeping Track of Stuff, Like the Chuck Key

I, for one, am pretty good at setting stuff down and then forgetting where I put it. Frustrating, but it’s a habit I’m having a hard time breaking. When it comes to the drill press that often meant spending way too much time looking for the chuck key. Till now. Like me, you might want to make a chuck key holder to help make sure the chuck is always available for you.

Let’s Stay Safe

The drill press, like any other tool, needs to be treated with respect. Pay close attention to these drill press safety tips to make sure you’re using your drill press correctly, and safely.

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4 Responses to “Big Drill Press, Small Bits”

  1. TONY

    Is there a most versatile drill press size for a beginner starting out my shop?

  2. beschreib77

    Wow, great idea and product. For $7 delivered to my door how can I go wrong?! thanks George.

  3. Robert Berta

    I have done the same trick for small numbered drills. I did notice you only used chuck key in one position. I was taught that you should tighten at least 2 of the 3 locations on a drill chuck. It ensures perfect centering of drill and for larger drill bits it makes sure maximum clamping force preventing drill spinning in chuck jaws and probably ruining drill bit shank. For largest bits I tighten in all three positions.

  4. William Nelson

    I bought one of these chucks a few years ago for my wife's stick screwdriver. I wanted to use it for drilling and driving screws for wall hangers and such. I also tried it in the drill press as George shows. The only problem was that the shank wasn't straight and it wobbles all over the place. The one sourced in the notes looks like a better quality unit, so I think I'll try again.

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