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WWGOA LIVE! Tips for DIY Home Improvement with Gary Wentz

George Vondriska
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Duration:   1  hrs 2  mins

George Vondriska was joined by special guest Gary Wentz, Executive Editor at The Family Handyman, for the September WWGOA LIVE Q&A. As remodeler and rental property owner, Gary’s done a bit of everything, from carpentry and woodworking to plumbing and electrical work. He brought lots of great DIY info to the event.

1:00 Gary intro and bio
3:30 Dealing with glue squeeze out
5:10 Table top fasteners – Figure 8 fastenersTable top fastenersShop-made table top fasteners
8:30 Technology in the shop
11:50 Repairing a repaired and warped table top
13:03 Painting kitchen cabinets
15:50 Installing crown molding
18:30 Framing a basement wall
20:00 Jointing boards to make a table top – Glue line rip blade
22:00 Next purchase; planer or sliding miter saw?
23:10 Sharpening chisels WorkSharp Sharpening with sandpaper
25:25 Sealing work to prevent expansion?
26:25 Galvanized vs stainless steel deck screws
27:30 Mineral spirits to prep kitchen cabinets for paint?
29:15 Shopsmith info YouTube channel
30:20 Vinyl vs composite flooring
33:27 Upcut vs downcut spiral router bits?
35:00 Why not round fractions in in woodworking?
36:20 Sandpaper fastened to table saw for sharpening
37:50 Features to shop for on a bandsaw
40:40 Using a digital angle gauge – Digital angle gauge
43:40 Sliding miter saw walking on cuts
45:40 How many routers do you need?
47:40 Lathe projects – WWGOA woodturning
49:00 Snipe on a planer
50:25 Retaining wall built on the edge of a driveway?
50:50 Pitted jointer table
51:30 Graco finish gun
52:20 Building a roof on a trailer
54:20 Bandsaw speeds
55:45 French cleats or pegboard?
56:05 Removing coating from tools
56:45 Common DIY accidents
59:06 Preferred screw head type

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      The shininess of a tung oil finish is generally determined by the quality of the sanding job as well as the highest grit that the piece was sanded with. In other words, the shine is really provided by the wood, and enhanced by the tung oil. You could add a coat of paste wax and buff it out, which would provide a bit of a glow.

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