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WWGOA LIVE! Tips for DIY Home Improvement with Gary Wentz

George Vondriska
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Duration:   1  hrs 2  mins

George Vondriska was joined by special guest Gary Wentz, Executive Editor at The Family Handyman, for the September WWGOA LIVE Q&A. As remodeler and rental property owner, Gary’s done a bit of everything, from carpentry and woodworking to plumbing and electrical work. He brought lots of great DIY info to the event.

1:00 Gary intro and bio
3:30 Dealing with glue squeeze out
5:10 Table top fasteners – Figure 8 fastenersTable top fastenersShop-made table top fasteners
8:30 Technology in the shop
11:50 Repairing a repaired and warped table top
13:03 Painting kitchen cabinets
15:50 Installing crown molding
18:30 Framing a basement wall
20:00 Jointing boards to make a table top – Glue line rip blade
22:00 Next purchase; planer or sliding miter saw?
23:10 Sharpening chisels WorkSharp Sharpening with sandpaper
25:25 Sealing work to prevent expansion?
26:25 Galvanized vs stainless steel deck screws
27:30 Mineral spirits to prep kitchen cabinets for paint?
29:15 Shopsmith info YouTube channel
30:20 Vinyl vs composite flooring
33:27 Upcut vs downcut spiral router bits?
35:00 Why not round fractions in in woodworking?
36:20 Sandpaper fastened to table saw for sharpening
37:50 Features to shop for on a bandsaw
40:40 Using a digital angle gauge – Digital angle gauge
43:40 Sliding miter saw walking on cuts
45:40 How many routers do you need?
47:40 Lathe projects – WWGOA woodturning
49:00 Snipe on a planer
50:25 Retaining wall built on the edge of a driveway?
50:50 Pitted jointer table
51:30 Graco finish gun
52:20 Building a roof on a trailer
54:20 Bandsaw speeds
55:45 French cleats or pegboard?
56:05 Removing coating from tools
56:45 Common DIY accidents
59:06 Preferred screw head type

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    how can one shine up pure tung oil on a bowl

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