George Vondriska

WWGOA LIVE! October 2019

George Vondriska
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Duration:   1  hrs 1  mins

Fall is the air. For many, that’s the beginning of the woodworking season. Hopefully tonight’s topics will help you with your fall/winter/spring woodworking plans.

1:45 How much should a joint stand proud?
3:50 End grain vs face grain turning
6:03 Tools for bowl turning
9:40 George’s shop wiring
11:55 Can a miter saw live outside?
12:15 Flattening twisted boards
16:00 Cauls on a panel glue up
18:10 Getting a table saw blade square
19:58 Best way to cut plexiglass
20:00 Rail to post for a bed
22:10 Gluing up a large flat panel
24:20 Making a box/stand for a TV
25:18 Kreg router lift questions
26:12 Catskills Mountain Maker Camp
28:00 Planer snipe
29:45 Support on a pocket hole jig
30:48 Lathe: Scraping vs shearing
32:20 Epoxy over shellac?
33:15 November LIVE Event: Jess Crow
34:40 Routing far from a router table fence
37:40 Are router lifts and commercial tables worth the money?
38:50 Working from a hit or miss face
39:50 Routing with a low rpm set up
41:15 Track spacing on George’s bench
43:00 Starter set of CNC bits
44:20 Four way bar clamps
45:20 Using a small drum sander
48:00 Finding a local woodworking club
48:55 Good starter projects
50:05 Finding plans
50:40 Mortise in curved sections
52:00 Specific recommended tool brand
53:40 Materials for CNC
54:15 Applications for different glues
57:20 Cutting balsa wood for Christmas ornaments
58:20 Material for templates
59:00 Drill press table?
59:35 Upcoming scheduling

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6 Responses to “WWGOA LIVE! October 2019”

  1. martin

    The man in Springfield MO ck wood turners of SW missouri for turning club, I am not aware of a woodworking club at this time.

  2. David S

    What is the best way to cut out a cup holder in a cheese board / cutting board?

  3. JOHN

    I'm 64 years old and just starting woodworking. Have already purchased a number of videos, sets. I'm excited...thank you for everything!!

  4. Gary

    What is a good way to cut a mortise into the end of a long board? I'm connecting a long stile to a curved door frame section with a draw-bore mortise and tenon but am not sure how to cut a mortise into the end grain of the curved section.

  5. Dana White Quam

    I have been trying to use the carbide tools for turning but it keeps catching. what might I be doing wrong? my regular turning tools don't catch as much.

  6. jim armbrust

    What is the best tip for someone staring to use a jointer to take off the same amount of material off all along a surface?

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