WWGOA LIVE: June 2021


We had a wonderful flurry of questions on our June live stream. Here’s what we talked about:

1:15 Internet was down
2:50 Sharpen your Skills
3:50 Table saw kickback
5:50 Telegraphing from biscuits?
7:40 Prepping barn board – Mop sander
10:25 Cutting boards warped in the sun
12:10 Titebond III for all projects?
13:00 Planing wood to exact dimensions
14:00 Worksharp system
14:35 Gluing on breadboard ends
19:20 Cove cutting on the table saw
21:30 Height of a workbench
23:20 Dust collection tips
26:30 Paper joints on green wood bowl blanks?
28:00 Kitchen cabinet design question
30:00 Best way to store boards
31:50 Delta Cruzer miter saw
33:15 French cleats – April Wilkerson’s approach
36:40 Pricing work
39:30 Hollowing a vase
39:50 Bench vise location
41:10 Cabinets from 4×8 sheets?
42:40 Bandsaw blades getting dull
44:10 Plywood for shop projects
45:12 Miter saw fence and stop
47:25 Crack in breadboard end top
50:35 Growing your woodworking skills
51:20 Classes in George’s shop
52:20 Lathe faceplate size
53:10 Overlapping weld on a bandsaw blade
54:15 Bearings on a bandsaw?
55:10 File chisels to remove nicks?
56:10 Inlay
57:15 Acclimating furniture
58:20 Rabbeting before or after laminate

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