George Vondriska

WWGOA LIVE! January 2018

George Vondriska
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Duration:   55  mins

I was on the road for this event, so this LIVE came to you from April Wilkerson’s shop. She dropped in to help answer a few questions too. Enjoy.

:56 Formula for spraying latex paint with an HVLP
2:09 Vibration on a bandsaw
4:05 Router bit choice for tenons on the router table
4:50 Paper or software for sketching projects
8:04 George’s classes
9:02 Bit is burning on dado cuts
10:38 Router lifts
11:30 Opinion on Shopsmith tools?
13:05 Shelf life of Titebond glue
13:50 Recommended horsepower for router table router
15:59 Speed choice on a bandsaw
17:00 CNC buying advice
17:55 Using big box store dimensional lumber
20:50 Sharpening router bits
22:50 Mounting a Router Boss to a bench
24:50 Drum sander buying advice
27:30 Cleaning out router table routers
28:56 Rough cutting stock before machining
30:11 Molding head vs router bit
31:38 Cordless or corded jigsaw?
32:30 Mortise bits on a drill press?
33:30 Radial arm saw or sliding miter saw
34:45 Template routing small parts
35:40 Straight knives or spiral head on a jointer?
37:17 Tool surface lubricant
38:40 Using a router collet extension
39:03 Matching raised panel profiles
40:55 Glue up for stair treads?
42:20 Different router bits for different woods?
42:30 Blade recommendation for 10″ bandsaw
43:36 Proper bandsaw blade tension
45:35 Application advice for oil based varnish
47:52 Wood for salt and pepper shakers
48:30 Dado head size for 10″ table saws
49:50 Bench chisel for lathe turning?
51:08 Kiln dried wood for steam bending?
52:46 Scroll saw blade selection
53:50 April Wilkerson talks about building her new shop with George

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