George Vondriska

WWGOA LIVE! April 2020 (Part 2)

George Vondriska
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Duration:   1  hrs 2  mins

Looking for some new woodworking knowledge? George Vondriska answers your woodworking questions on WWGOA LIVE. Lots of folks tuned in to this episode and we had a boat load of great questions.

1:50 Sharpening mortiser hollow chisels
3:30 If George wasn’t a woodworker he’d be a ……?
5:05 Air drying vs kiln dried lumber
7:00 Upgrade table saw to 52” fence?
8:10 Working height for benchtop router table
8:30 Guideline for workbench height
9:40 Drilling deep holes
12:30 Online wood sources – Cook Woods
12:50 Work with butternut?
13:48 Worth getting a CNC?
16:00 Storing jigs
16:50 Pin or pinless moisture meters
17:17 Thinning shellac?
18:30 Bandsaw for a small shop?
19:20 Shaping a curved drawer front
21:25 Radial arm saw or panel saw?
22:10 Schedule for lives?
23:20 Resin pour over objects
25:05 End grain tear out in bowls
26:40 Jointer and planer sizes
27:05 Reverse function on a lathe
28:00 Remove rust from a bandsaw blade
28:18 Trim router recommendation
29:20 Wood expansion and contraction
30:08 Hemlock
30:45 Bandsaw resaw, drift
31:15 George’s mustache
32:00 George’s weird bowls
35:20 CNC router bits
36:10 Gluing oily woods
37:00 SawStop sliding table
37:50 Shop vacuum or dust collector
38:30 Storing wood to keep it flat
39:12 Bullnose a round table
40:10 Using pine with beetle kill
41:00 Sharpening carbide lathe chisels
41:30 George likes to make…?
42:00 Tips for following plans
42:50 System for sharpening lathe chisels
44:20 Woods for endgrain cutting boards
45:39 Sharpening forstner bits
46:40 George’s hearing protection
47:30 Painting over an oily surface
49:15 Dust mask or respirator?
49:40 Use grain filler?
50:20 Gloss lacquer issues
50:55 Sharpening chisels and plane irons
51:20 Classes in George’s shop
52:00 Wide board vs glue up
52:50 Preventing blotching on wood
53:20 Wobble dado head
54:30 Plywood to square a cabinet
54:50 Recess in a floating shelf
55:10 Best seal coat for finishing?
57:45 Respirator
58:00 Shellac flakes
58:15 Making cabinet doors
58:25 Dust collection for small garage?
59:30 Drawer slide size
1:00:00 Ringmaster

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30 Responses to “WWGOA LIVE! April 2020 (Part 2)”

  1. Jim

    I want to buy a drum sander. What would be a good choice for home use

  2. Joseph

    I've been told that drill press doesn't work well as a mortising tool. Before I invest in a set of mortising bits, I would like to get your opinion on this matter.

  3. August Luedecke

    I need to drill a 1 inch hole at a 30 degree angle. Should I use a brad point bit or a Forstner bit?

  4. Chuck Kinney

    Looking to get basic/inexpensive plunge router. Any 'drop dead' features I should look for?

  5. Dale Sieting

    I am making a built in dresser in the wall. I have a 5 foot tall opening. how would you divide the area to figure out how many drawers to build so that it looks balanced?

  6. MIKE

    I've tried using the worksharp and chisels seem to come out with a slight skew. Any tricks?

  7. Tommy

    Is the higher price of saw blades like Amana etc. worth the the cost. Vs a cheaper blade like Diablo.

  8. Berr

    I am setting up a shop in my 24 x 24 garage. What is your recommendation for dust collection? I have a tablesaw , 6” jointer 13” planer, bandsaw and router table.

  9. Brian Kinnaman

    Hi George, thanks for what you do! I dig the guitars and Dylon photo in the background. When would you suggest to use a face mask/respirator? e.g. while using table saw, router, etc. Thanks!

  10. Angela

    One shop vac but multiple tools - disconnect and reconnect to each as I’m using them?

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