George Vondriska

WWGOA LIVE! April 2020

George Vondriska
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Duration:   1  hrs 2  mins

A great flurry of question for our April LIVE event (part 1). We talked about:

:50 Scrap to Coasters
2:15 Getting Started with Resin
3:25 Router table fence adjustment
5:10 Shop floor not level
6:12 Bandsaw resawing issues
8:15 Australian woods. Mulga?
9:10 Checks in thick poplar.
10:20 Floor for a shop
12:45 Bearings on a Delta bandsaw?
15:00 George’s fave block sander
17:28 Teak for a cutting board?
19:00 Ridge from a round over bit
21:15 Spiral blades for a scrollsaw?
21:40 Gloves in the shop?
22:45 Info about mulga wood
24:10 Floor in George’s shop
24:50 Speed on a lathe
25:45 Glue creep
27:00 Filling a hairline crack
29:00 Where’s George’s beard?
30:00 Getting rust off of a table saw
Metal Rescue
Bostik Glide Coat
31:50 Getting Started With Resin
33:00 Router table tops
34:50 Long boards on a short jointer?
36:20 Build a birdhouse
36:45 Air drying lumber
37:45 Planer snipe. Dealing with it
39:15 George’s motorcycle
40:00 Handcutting dovetails – Learn to do this
42:00 Long grain AND end grain cutting board
43:00 Scratch in the finish or the bowl?
44:00 Recommended turning finish: Mylands
45:20 Spraying polyurethane
46:20 Compressor for pressure pot
46:50 Depth of cut for a benchtop jointer?
47:20 George’s traditional bows
47:50 George auto repair, RV and home improvement videos
49:50 George’s dust collection system
51:14 Ripping thin strips
54:00 Waterlox finish
54:15 Turning wood green or dry
55:50 A GREAT motorcycle TV show
56:08 Advantage of end grain cutting board
56:40 Lung issues from doing woodworking
57:50 Keep the table saw guard on?
58:30 George-built guitar?
60:00 Barkers in Hudson?
61:00 Getting Started with Resin
61:45 April LIVE Part 2, April 23, 7:00 CT

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9 Responses to “WWGOA LIVE! April 2020”

  1. Fred Buonocore

    George ,just finished a display case for my Dad's violin. The wood is all poplar. Using Bulls eye primer to seal, then sand ,and paint with high gloss white paint to match our piano. What paint can you recommend ? Thanks

  2. DAVID

    Do u ever use triple E to polish on lathe turning

  3. Wray Lokey

    Should fresh cut logs be sealed if they are not going to be milled immediately

  4. Clay

    I just bought my first drum sander. I have tried to final sand some walnut. I keep getting burn marks and or course is trashes up the sand paper too. What am I doing wrong? Feeding too fast, too slow. I've tried to take 1/64th per pass.

  5. Tim Marsden

    Hi George Tim, From Madison. In my opinion from working on a band saw 40 hours a week in a furniture factory, the band saw is the most dangerous Machine But most People don't use one that often. Sharp Blades are the Key.

  6. Mark

    How tight should the band be in my bandsaw?

  7. David

    Hi from Portland Oregon what happened to the first resin project?

  8. Russell Becker

    Just signing in. Thanks!!!

  9. Clarence Nieman

    do they make a 3/4 colet for 1/2 router shaft

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