George Vondriska

Testing the New Bessey Track Clamps

George Vondriska
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Duration:   4  mins

Bessey has developed a new set of clamps that are designed to work with the tracks (also called rails) that guide track saws. The EZR-SET clamps (two per set) slip into the bottom of the track and allow you to easily secure the track to your work. According to the company, the Bessey Track Clamps work with Festool, Protool, Makita, Hitach/Hikoki, DeWalt, and others.

Clamping is important

While most tracks have a sticky strip or two on the bottom, those strips sometimes don’t provide enough grip to guarantee the track will stay in place. The last thing you need when you’re making a cut is for the track to slip. This would completely undermine the purpose of using a track saw.


The Bessey Track Clamps have a 6” capacity when being used to squeeze. With the push of a button they can be changed to spreaders and, in that function, have a capacity of 4-⅝” to 12-⅛”.

More than a track clamp

We found that the Bessey Track Clamps work great on tracks, but also do a lot more. It’s a trigger clamp, so you only need one hand to make them do their thing. They can spread in addition to squeeze, and the offset jaw allows you to reach around objects that you’re clamping. There are V-grooves in the pads to help you grab round and irregular stuff.

Trigger clamps

Trigger clamps are incredibly useful and versatile. Check out these great uses for trigger clamps.

More info

For more info on the EZR-SET clamps visit the company’s website.

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  1. Meryl Logue

    You really do great videos. This was really good… concise and informative. Thank you and the team!

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