George Vondriska

WWGOA LIVE! October 2016

George Vondriska
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Duration:   1  hrs

Our October LIVE went great. Rustic furniture, stabilizing wood, cleaning planer rollers, and lots more! Thanks for the great questions.

:44 C clamp source
2:45 Making rusting furniture
7:43 Air dried wood for furniture?
8:42 Bowl and tray kits and bits
12:33 Stabilizing green wood with Pentacryl
14:13 Setting up a dado head on the table saw
20:08 Gauge blocks for dado height
21:00 George and The Handyman Club
22:02 Bosch REAXX and SawStop
24:20 WWGOA Live schedule
25:07 High gloss finish on outdoor structure
26:16 I too shall something make….
28:01 Sanding knife handles
30:15 Inflatable drum sanders
31:35 Noise, neighbors, and woodworking
33:42 Ripping thin strips on the table saw
39:17 Stanley #80 scraper
43:12 Aquarium stand
46:47 Portable saw mill
48:00 Plunge router or fixed base?
49:14 Flattening veneer
53:36 Finishing a burl coffee table
57:13 Loquat knife handle
58:53 George’s teaching schedule
1:01:59 Sheba’s goodbye

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