George Vondriska

WWGOA LIVE! May 2020

George Vondriska
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Duration:   59  mins

The lovely month of May! Here’s what we talked about during the May LIVE Q&A:

:60 Announcement of sweepstakes prizes
1:50 Moon shot
2:50 Farmhouse table, leg to rail joint
3:30 Biscuit joiner recommendation
3:48 Sticky resin
5:30 Rounding the corners on a tenon
6:40 Level log cookies without a router
8:50 Bowl coming loose on a lathe
10:40 How do you know the knives are dull on a planer or jointer?
13:50 Router rpm
15:15 Width of planks in an edge to edge glue up
15:50 Shellac under poly?
17:14 Delta planer tear out
19:05 Storing boards on edge
20:25 Filling holes in ambrosia maple
21:40 Material choice for Adirondack chair
22:40 Filling pores in red oak
23:05 Cordless tool brand
23:25 Hollow chisel mortiser
24:40 Size of George’s pressure pot
25:30 Camera and lens choice on George’s moon pic
26:40 Hand chisel brands
27:00 Sanding beads on a spindle
27:55 Pepper mill. Finish the inside?
28:20 Lathe finish
29:55 Bowl turning lathe
30:40 Kitchen remodel, paint grade material?
31:45 Cast iron router table top?
32:30 Router lift?
32:55 BeadLOCK system
37:20 Workbench top
38:15 Storing wood to prevent warping
39:10 Storage cabinet in George’s shop
42:15 Triton router with built in lift
43:15 Microphone brand
43:38 Midi lathe and chuck
44:10 Ripping with a circular saw Kreg system
44:50 Cutting a 4” circle
45:00 Wood for a desk
46:35 Strength of BeadLOCK joints
46:50 Hinge for fold down door
48:10 Finding burls
48:55 Table saw mounted router table
49:10 Drying green bowls
50:20 Biscuit joint in a miter
50:58 Domino joiner
51:55 Resin when it’s hot
53:30 Paint grade raised panels, material choice
54:15 Pantorouter vs hollow chisel mortiser
54:45 Sizes of dominos
55:20 Woodworking stores
55:45 Face mask with fan for lathe turning
56:20 Shou sugi ban cedar
58:20 Drying wood in a microwave
59:00 George’s favorite music

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17 Responses to “WWGOA LIVE! May 2020”

  1. Luc Therrien

    I am building a bench top router table that folds away for storage. What type of router would you recommend for the build; a plunge router or fixed based router?

  2. Bill Thomas

    George, I know this is not anything to do with but, what do you think is the best screen color silver or charcoal?

  3. Russ Philstrom

    Got to see you twice the same day.

  4. Darryn Lowe

    What’s the best option for routing large areas? Small bit for edging then go for it with large bit or just use large bit?

  5. Mark Edwards

    Working with American Chestnut circa 1890, it seems to want to warp if I plane it thinner than 3/4 inch or so. Does Chestnut hold a lot of tension?

  6. SCOTT

    audio is fine, must be his internet connection.

  7. Tim Scharr

    Can you explain the difference between a low angle hand-plane and one that is not?

  8. Chuck in Valrico, Fl.

    Just finished a desk / hutch from red oak. Used an oil based stain then wipe on poly. Had an issue with white spots appearing after first coat of poly. What would be the reason for this? Was able to correct it by sanding them out but why would those spots form?

  9. SCOTT

    Can the new woodturning carbide chip chisels replace the traditional chisels? Or are the traditional chisels still needed?

  10. Edmund Mitchell

    Great show, George -- thanks for all you do -- keep up the great live shows! Ed from Austin, TX

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