WWGOA LIVE! May 2019

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Duration: 1:01:46

A fun live stream! Here’s what we covered.

:30 Meet George’s daughters
1:45 Tour of George’s shop
5:40 Finish in shelf pin holes
7:10 Logs to lumber on the bandsaw
9:50 Cleaning rollers on planers and tires on bandsaws
11:15 Hand applied lacquer
12:20 Using a sliding miter saw
16:20 Electrical service in George’s shop
17:50 How to clean planer rollers
19:00 Dealing with green wood
21:30 Keeping table glue ups flat
25:10 Cutting plywood to size
29:45 Keeping George’s shop clean
31:30 Creating a dust collection system
34:20 Oil base finish over water based stain?
35:15 Safe top coat for crib
36:20 How long to dry lumber?
38:00 George’s Logs to Lumber class
40:30 Drill press mortise attachment?
42:20 Squaring up plywood
45:00 Planer or jointer?
46:00 George’s tattoo
48:00 Finish before assembly?
49:30 Tuning a framing square
54:20 George’s teaching schedule Meet the Maker event
57:30 Preservative for mahogany?
60:00 Ginny’s college graduation

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