George Vondriska

WWGOA LIVE! June 2017

George Vondriska
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Duration:   1  hrs 3  mins

Thanks for watching. We’re so happy to be coming to you with much better technology. Check out the great audio and video on this live stream. And, check out the great questions, turning to tablesaws, we covered a lot of ground.

1:21 Festool Domino
2:03 Proper length of fasteners
2:53 Setting a combination square
4:36 George’s new favorite joke
5:24 Changing brakes on a SawStop
10:46 Avoiding/dealing with squeeze out
13:25 Titebond 2 vs Titebond 3
14:30 Durable top coat for a bed
15:00 Using a jointer and table saw for rips
17:55 Can teak oil be tinted?
19:25 Fastening a vise to a workbench
20:52 Routing sapele and mahogany; reducing chipping
22:40 Drawer lock joint in corners that don’t meet at 90-degrees
24:56 Most difficult wood George has ever turned
26:13 SawStop blade won’t retract all the way
31:13 Pencil for marking dark wood
33:54 Caster recommendations
36:20 Making bow ties for slab furniture using Aspire
37:40 Damp rag for wiping glue?
39:00 Clamping pocket hole joints
40:27 Molasses for rust removal?
41:20 Retrofitting an old table saw with guard and splitter
43:00 Bar top finishes than can be used outside
44:00 Parts for a Performax 22-44
46:00 Sealing metal to avoid rust
47:03 Shop vacuum for dust collection?
48:40 Router or dado head for dadoes?
49:00 Woodworking as a career
51:42 Wood cups after glue up
53:41 Face frame on a corner cabinet
54:00 Favorite brand of lathe chisels
54:30 Squaring a cabinet
1:00:43 George’s teaching schedule

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