George Vondriska

WWGOA LIVE: July 2021

George Vondriska
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Duration:   1  hrs 1  mins

George Vondriska received a lot of great questions during the WWGOA LIVE Q&A in July. Here’s what we covered:

2:40 Free project bundle
3:40 Live edge maple cookie with crack
7:25 Turning pine into shiplap siding
9:20 Pegboard as a panel in a shop door
11:05 Titebond II on flooring?
11:27 Threaded inserts in end grain
13:50 Veneer sources
16:00 Thank your influencers
16:20 Staining wet wood?
17:45 Blade choice for melamine and particle board
19:50 Snipe on a shaper
22:00 Guide bushings in routers
24:15 Frame and panel as wainscoting
25:30 Smooth vs notched glue spreader
26:15 220 volt router?
27:10 Zero clearance inserts
29:15 Board warps after resawing
30:35 Adhesive for Adirondack chairs
31:38 Router for router table
33:00 Grounding dust collection lines
33:50 Live stream air time
36:30 Plywood or drywall for shop walls
38:00 Water proof plywood
36:25 George’s guitars
39:10 Joining wood countertops
41:50 Oil based finish and rags
42:50 Wood grain filler and wood conditioner
45:15 Classes in George’s shop
47:15 Using a jointer
55:40 George’s cabinetmaking class at Marc Adams
56:45 George’s canoe
57:50 Finish for redwood
59:45 Plunge router in a router table?

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One Response to “WWGOA LIVE: July 2021”

  1. David

    Hi George, I have some 20+ yr old clear heart redwood - mostly 2 x4 - 8' - been planed already down to about 1.25" - afraid to re-saw as it might become to thin, but want to use for desktop; how best to fasten it together (pocket screws, etc? ) and what would be best finish for that material that is that old?

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