George Vondriska

WWGOA LIVE! July 2016

George Vondriska
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Duration:   1  hrs 5  mins

Thanks for watching, and providing all your great questions. The live streams are a lot of fun. From table saw to planer to hand cut mortises, we covered a lot of ground.

:40 George’s bad joke

1:25 Kauri Wood

5:12 Cutting mortises. Hand cut techniques

10:12 Allowing for wood movement in solid panels

13:36 Sanding sealer vs. dewaxed shellac

14:50 Tung oil-Sand between coats?

16:00 Avoiding table saw kick back

20:00 Track saw or stationary tools

22:35 What size SawStop?

24:06 Imported plywood and frameless cabinets

26:50 3D carving on CNC machines

28:57 Boring for Euro hinges

31:56 Warped cherry. Case hardening? Now what?

35:07 Disassembling a cherry organ

37:14 WWGOA content on CNC machines

37:49 Curved irons on hand planes. What’s the deal?

38:45 How do I know when my blades are dull?

41:40 End grain bowls? Dry wood or green wood for bowls?

43:04 Bandsaw drift

44:21 Minimum thickness for edge gluing

44:57 Painting over top coats

46:42 Planing thin pieces

51:56 Planing cupped boards, or not

54:45 How to clean saw blades

57:55 Date of next WWGOA Live

58:12 Shop-made CNC routers

59:12 End grain tearing on bowls

1:02:00 Where are our viewers from?

1:04:36 Sheba the Benchdog and her tricks

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