George Vondriska

WWGOA LIVE! January 2021

George Vondriska
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Duration:   1  hrs 4  mins

We had a great live stream in January! Thanks for all the questions.

4:45 Show and tell… George’s lithophane
8:30 Supporting a table top
10:40 Plugging pocket holes
11:50 Bandsaw and table saw not cutting correctly
15:00 Planer versus drum sander
18:20 Removing paste wax
19:40 Lithophane settings – Photo VCarve
21:30 Knife blade blanks
24:10 Making wood look weathered
26:00 Workbench dog hole spacing
29:00 Flocking a box
30:30 Table saw vs router table vs hand held router for dadoes
33:15 Glue for bent laminations
33:55 Apitone wood?
35:34 Lock miter joints?
37:20 Preventing padauk from fading
38:40 Replacing a table saw fence
40:24 Shop vac system
41:50 Sharpening gouges
43:00 Osmo finish, bringing up the sheen
44:40 Sealing MDF jigs
45:00 Graduated cutting board
46:50 Track saws
47:45 Miters on a cnc
48:15 Finish for cedar, interior use
51:25 Plane purchases
52:25 Material recommendation for a workbench
53:45 Adding a riving knife to a table saw
54:50 What is hide glue used for?
55:45 Refinishing a cabinet
56:50 Fence on a miter saw bench?
59:27 Adhering quartz top to a wood base
1:01 Update on George’s canoe

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4 Responses to “WWGOA LIVE! January 2021”

  1. Don

    I enjoyed the session.


    I am on the west coast and log on at 5 PM. So at least once in the past I asked a question and it was answered during the show. In today’s show, George mentioned that the time had moved from 5 to 4 – Central Time. A) how did I see the show live at 5 PM Pacific Time? And B) how are we on the West Coast supposed to see the show live at 2 PM? Some of us have to work? I thought the show was being done at 7 PM Central, which allowed me to SOMETIMES being able to join IF I could finish up work a little early. Kind of a bummer, a big part of why I subscribe (Gold Member) is for WWGOA Live and waiting (less and less patiently) for WWGOA Gold Live to resume. Why COULDN’T you start at 7 PM Central, or even 8, so half the country isn’t excluded? Let me know, my subscription will be coming up for renewal. Thanks. Joel

  3. ALLAN

    Is there a solvent for Danish oil if it starts to solidify? Allan

  4. Doug

    Just about got my ship set up. Working on a wood storage bench and then I’ll be making an offered table. I’ve got a couple projects lined up and I’m excited. You and the guild have been instrumental in my education. What’s your number 1 piece of advice for someone just starting out?

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