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WWGOA LIVE Interview with Dwayne Evans

George Vondriska
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Duration:   1  hrs 4  mins

Want to know more about how logs are converted into the lumber that you’ll use in your shop? Dwayne Evans joins George Vondriska for this month’s Q&A. Dwayne has been operating a sawmill for 20 years. He shows us how he reads logs and determines how to best cut them, talks about different styles of sawmills and how to stack lumber for air drying.

Dwayne has been woodworking for over 35 years and lives in Lancaster County, PA where he has been milling his own lumber for 20 years and operating a commercial sawmill business for 8 years. In addition to cutting for his customers, Dwayne cuts and air dries most of the lumber he uses in his own shop. In a typical year Dwayne cuts approximately 25,000 board feet of lumber. He definitely knows his way around logs, sawmills and drying lumber. Follow Dwayne on Instagram @slabstitcher and @woodenlaser.

Dwayne also owns Slab Stitcher, a company that produces an inlay system that can be used to stitch up cracks in your projects or add amazing decorative details.

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3 Responses to “WWGOA LIVE Interview with Dwayne Evans”

  1. Lee Umnus

    You said you air dry your wood to 20% then kill dry to 10%. Can you air dry all the way down to 8 to 10%

  2. gary Lundgren

    I'm in PA also and looking for someone to mill some logs for me. Where in PA is he? Can I get Dwayne's contact info? I'm 80 mi East of Pittsburgh. Gary Lundgren 814-410-2900

  3. Thomas W

    The audio from Dwayne is choppy. It is far poorer quality than that from George. Please fix... NOW !!

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