WWGOA LIVE! February 2021

Duration: 1:01:20

Looking for some new woodworking knowledge? Here are the topics George Vondriska covered in the February live stream:

1:27 Finishing small boxes
3:05 Converting logs to lumber
6:20 George’s shop
8:13 Teak desk, epoxy top coat
8:50 Buying plywood
10:46 High gloss for bowls
11:50 Workbench ideas
13:50 Mortise chisel taper
17:10 Vises for workbenches
20:50 Apple wood cracking
22:40 George’s big workbench
24:20 Running glued up panels through a planer
26:30 Cutting a long angle on a long board
27:35 Finish to eliminate odors
29:20 Kentucky coffee wood
29:35 Cyclone add-ons for dust collection
31:20 Bowties to close cracks?
32:00 Inside bevel gouges
34:25 Tongue and groove router bit
35:50 End grain tear out when flush trimming
37:00 T-track in benches
39:00 Grain filler on end grain
40:22 V carving small letters on a CNC
41:50 Workbench drawer slides
43:38 Kaizen foam
44:46 How many times can you sharpen a saw blade?
45:30 Material and finish for bathroom fixture
46:30 Katalox?
46:50 Pantorouter
47:55 Glue tack time
49:55 Top start up tools
51:00 Closing a gap with bowties?
54:10 Best approach for turning wood inside a bowl
56:30 Switch on a router table
57:45 Making wide kerf cuts on a table saw
58:10 Drum sander worth it?
59:35 Table saw recommendation

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13 Responses to “WWGOA LIVE! February 2021”
  1. Douglas Prato
    Douglas Prato

    How do you get a saw disc thicker (as in you videos)? Do you join 3 disc for the table saw?

  2. BRUCE

    Turning: I attempt to turn small bowls from very dry hardwood. What tips do you have to make the wood removal inside the bowl go smoothly?

  3. Jeff Koralewski
    Jeff Koralewski

    I get cedar from a sawmill to work with. Of course it’s not dried out yet, does painting a project help keep the wood from cracking over time or can I do something to prep the wood .

  4. Peter

    Can you recommend a good article or discuss different wood glues, their use and limitations?

  5. Greg

    Just finished planing some paint laden wood fencing. Smells like cedar. How do I identify the wood type. Want to make something else with it

  6. Chris

    The finish on my 1900’s mahogany table was dissolve by cat urine, what kind of finish am I looking at and can you suggest a remedy…other than getting rid of the cat.

  7. Raleigh Mashek
    Raleigh Mashek

    I noticed a bow on your back wall. Is it a Fred Bear, I think his factory is in your town.

  8. Douglas Traub
    Douglas Traub

    I am making a tall 5 shelf book shelf out of blue bugwood pine. It has been dried for 2 years, but I am worried about the wood in the carcass moving with changes in humidity. What would the best joinery for the carcass of the shelves to mitigate wood movement?