George Vondriska

WWGOA LIVE! February 2021

George Vondriska
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Duration:   1  hrs 1  mins

Looking for some new woodworking knowledge? Here are the topics George Vondriska covered in the February live stream:

1:27 Finishing small boxes
3:05 Converting logs to lumber
6:20 George’s shop
8:13 Teak desk, epoxy top coat
8:50 Buying plywood
10:46 High gloss for bowls
11:50 Workbench ideas
13:50 Mortise chisel taper
17:10 Vises for workbenches
20:50 Apple wood cracking
22:40 George’s big workbench
24:20 Running glued up panels through a planer
26:30 Cutting a long angle on a long board
27:35 Finish to eliminate odors
29:20 Kentucky coffee wood
29:35 Cyclone add-ons for dust collection
31:20 Bowties to close cracks?
32:00 Inside bevel gouges
34:25 Tongue and groove router bit
35:50 End grain tear out when flush trimming
37:00 T-track in benches
39:00 Grain filler on end grain
40:22 V carving small letters on a CNC
41:50 Workbench drawer slides
43:38 Kaizen foam
44:46 How many times can you sharpen a saw blade?
45:30 Material and finish for bathroom fixture
46:30 Katalox?
46:50 Pantorouter
47:55 Glue tack time
49:55 Top start up tools
51:00 Closing a gap with bowties?
54:10 Best approach for turning wood inside a bowl
56:30 Switch on a router table
57:45 Making wide kerf cuts on a table saw
58:10 Drum sander worth it?
59:35 Table saw recommendation

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14 Responses to “WWGOA LIVE! February 2021”

  1. richard

    I have a 16 inch band saw are there band saw blades that I can use to cut 3/16 SS?

  2. KEN

    Hello from Collinsville, IL -- Ken

  3. David

    What a good dust collector for a mitersaw?

  4. Douglas Traub

    I am making a tall 5 shelf book shelf out of blue bugwood pine. It has been dried for 2 years, but I am worried about the wood in the carcass moving with changes in humidity. What would the best joinery for the carcass of the shelves to mitigate wood movement?

  5. John Austin

    Can you recommend some really comfortable knee pads for a homeowner?

  6. Raleigh Mashek

    I noticed a bow on your back wall. Is it a Fred Bear, I think his factory is in your town.

  7. Chris

    The finish on my 1900's mahogany table was dissolve by cat urine, what kind of finish am I looking at and can you suggest a remedy...other than getting rid of the cat.

  8. Greg

    Just finished planing some paint laden wood fencing. Smells like cedar. How do I identify the wood type. Want to make something else with it

  9. Peter

    Can you recommend a good article or discuss different wood glues, their use and limitations?

  10. Jeff Koralewski

    I get cedar from a sawmill to work with. Of course it’s not dried out yet, does painting a project help keep the wood from cracking over time or can I do something to prep the wood .

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