George Vondriska

WWGOA LIVE! February 2019

George Vondriska
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Duration:   1  hrs 1  mins

Thanks for spending Valentine’s Day with us on the live stream. We had a blast.

2:00 Table saw blade selection
6:00 Tricks for using a Festool Domino
11:45 Chair rail installation
12:30 Cool new tools?
14:00 Recommendation on screw brands
15:00 Cutting green wood
16:15 Glue for acidic wood
16:50 Bandsaw problems
19:00 Inch or metric
19:15 Track saw vs table saw for long 45-degree cuts
20:30 Why cut logs when they’re green?
22:30 Mask off stain/glue areas before assembly?
23:20 Dishing stool seats
24:40 Reclaimed wood source
25:50 Keeping wood movement to a minimum
27:56 Trim routers
30:00 Programming a CNC router George’s CNC book
32:20 Planer or jointer?
33:40 Tenoning jig for flag cases?
34:00 Moisture meter use
34:45 Preventing rust on tools Bostik Glide Coat
35:40 Dog hole clamp for work bench
37:00 Cut from right or left on table saw?
37:30 Eliminate play from a miter gauge
41:20 Finish for walnut/bed rail hardware
42:30 Why did my walnut crack?
44:30 Long grain vs end grain for cutting boards?
45:50 Good wood dough
46:50 CNC machine feed speed
47:11 Mahogany furniture?
56:20 Keep bark on live edge bowls
57:15 Hearing protection

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4 Responses to “WWGOA LIVE! February 2019”

  1. Freida Kirkland

    I'm going to be trying that today on my contractor table saw even the incra 10000** I can't get it to tighten in the miter gauge slot...let you know if it works! This has been sooooo frustrating!

  2. Eloir Valença

    Agradeço a oportunidade....porém cheguei tarde de meus compromissos e não pude assistir muito tempo. Deus te abençoe muito!

  3. Joel

    Glad your sounds back, but outa time. See you next month...

  4. phil

    turn on mic

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