George Vondriska

WWGOA LIVE! April 2021

George Vondriska
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Duration:   1  hrs 1  mins

Spring has sprung, but there’s still lots of time for shop time. Here are the topics George Vondriska covered in the April live stream:

2:30 It might rain…
3:20 Woodworking Joint Free Download
4:10 National Woodworking Month
April 15 LIVE Interview with Anne Briggs Anne of All Trades
April 22 LIVE Q&A with George Vondriska
April 29 LIVE Interview with Ramon Valdez of Ramon Valdez Fine Furniture
10:00 George’s base cabinet
13:00 Gluing bloodwood
16:20 Veneering both faces
18:00 Thickness of cabinet backs
19:00 George’s long bow
21:50 Flattening faces for glue up
23:40 Eliminate chipping on flush trim
24:00 Jack plane?
24:50 Battery trim router on a dovetail jig
26:30 Bandsaw blade tracking
28:10 Locating casters on benches
30:10 Squaring a cabinet
32:50 Paddle bit vs forstner bit
33:30 Finish for workbench top
34:20 Tablesaw parallelism
Oops… slight audio break
35:30 Wood filler in cherry and color change
35:50 Choosing and using screws
36:40 Controlling stock removal with a trim bit
37:50 Resaw blade
39:20 Cross grain construction
41:00 All about woodworking joints
41:40 April live streams
44:20 Attaching a leg to a top
Oops, another audio break ☹
46:30 Dust collection on a router table
48:00 Blades for a SawStop saw
49:00 Bandsaw resaw blades
50:05 Clamp pressure
51:15 RPM for random orbit sanders
53:00 Using construction grade wood
55:25 Planing ½” thick walnut
56:10 Bandsaw specs for resawing
57:20 Using dowels
58:00 Cutting mitered cases
59:00 Woodworking joints
59:30 April live streams

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