George Vondriska

WWGOA LIVE! April 2019

George Vondriska
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Duration:   1  hrs 4  mins

A crazy winter storm hit Wisconsin, and it’s April! Good night to be in the shop.

:30 Resolving technical issues ☹
3:00 Here we go!
4:15 Jointer or joiner?
5:30 Easy dovetails?
7:15 Top four tools
9:15 Koa tearing out
10:18 Hand tools and power tools
12:00 Plywood disappointment
14:20 Shopsmith as a wood lathe
17:15 Cutting diagrams
19:10 Finishing live edge bowls on the lathe
20:25 Glue for gap filling
21:15 Insert for Delta table saw
22:10 Flat top grind table saw blade
24:01 Hard to get wood through table saw
25:41 Edge jointing long stock on a router table?
27:40 Dado jig
29:50 Sourcing good plywood
30:40 George’s favorite project?
32:00 Locate a router on a router table
33:25 Water-based finish
34:40 Stackable dado set
35:20 Finish for outdoor projects
37:00 Flat top grind table saw blade
38:00 14” bandsaws
39:40 Dimensions on typical kitchen cabinets
40:50 Using George’s dado jig
43:30 Caricature of George
44:20 T-track in a workbench
45:16 Sliding miter saw
46:00 6” jointer?
49:20 Visiting George’s shop?
47:12 Cutting spindle blanks from logs
48:20 Squaring ply with a track saw
50:35 Routing in T-track
51:50 Planer or other shop tools?
52:50 Preventing splitting in green wood bowls – Pentacryl
55:15 Titebond II or III?
56:40 Wrapping logs in stretch film
59:10 Narrow blades on a bandsaw
60:00 Benchtop jointer?
1:01:02 George’s teaching schedule

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