SawStop: Two Sizes of Brakes

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Duration: 2:38

SawStop’s brake technology is amazing, but you’ve got to make sure you’re using the right brake, depending on what diameter blade you have in. Once you see this video you’ll understand completely why it’s so important to change brakes when you change from a conventional blade to a dado head.

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2 Responses to “SawStop: Two Sizes of Brakes”

  1. Airbear

    Noticed you’re using a Dadonator . . . the SawStop technical folks have told me that this dado set is not recommended for use on my PCS because of the full-size chipper blades. Something about the extra mass of the full-sized chippers vs. ‘wing-type’ chippers (like the Freud SD-508) . . .

    I believe they said the brake would still work (pretty much as advertised, perhaps a fraction of a second slower to get to a full stop), but that the extra mass could also cause arbor damage if the brake is triggered.

    I know you’re not Consumer Reports (meaning you probably haven’t sacrificed a Dadonator/dado brake to test this out!) . . . but do you know anyone who has experienced the dado brake triggering with a Dadonator?

    • George Vondriska

      No, I don’t know anyone who has fired the brake with a Dadonator in the saw. But thanks for the interesting info on this.


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