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Sheartak: Helical Cutter Head - SPONSORED

George Vondriska
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You’ve probably heard a lot of talk about helical cutter heads and carbide insert cutters. They do an amazing job of providing a great surface finish and there’s LOTS of longevity in those four-sided carbide cutters.

What’s the deal with helical heads?

If you were ever taught to use a hand plane you were probably told to hold it at a slight angle relative to the work, instead of straight on. This creates a shearing cut and gives you a much better quality cut. When you look at the angle built into the inserts on Sheartak’s helical cutterhead you can see that they’re providing the same effect. The cutters are in a spiral, AND they’re set at a slight angle, AND they have a 6” radius on the cutting edge. This all comes together for a superior surface.

Other benefits

Sheartak’s cutterhead’s run 10-15 decibels quieter than cutterheads with conventional knives. They produce chips, similar to shavings you’d get from a hand plane, not dust. When the inserts get dull simply rotate them to a fresh edge. If you hit metal while you’re working and only nick one or two inserts, you can rotate only those inserts. You don’t have to replace an entire set of knives.

More info

For more information on Sheartak’s cutter heads visit their website.

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