How to Make SawStop Brake Changes

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Duration: 2:12

If you’ve been considering a SawStop table saw for your shop you’ve probably wondered about the brake changes. Is it complicated? Will it slow down your woodworking? This SawStop video will answer your questions by giving you an under-the-saw view of exactly what it takes to swap brakes on a SawStop table saw.

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6 Responses to “How to Make SawStop Brake Changes”

    • Customer Service

      Hi, Gary. Yep, you’ll have to adjust that as well. That adjustment is done from above the saw.

    • Customer Service

      Hi, Tom. The big grey lever is for the riving knife/splitter clamping mechanism.

    • George Vondriska
      George Vondriska

      A Marine? No. But my son is planning on going in after high school.

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