George Vondriska

Ye Old Post Drill

George Vondriska
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Duration:   3  mins

There have been a lot of questions about the old drill press in the back of my shop. It’s also called a post drill or blacksmith drill. The mechanism on this baby is very cool, and everything still works. If you can provide any info on how old the drill press might be, we’d love to hear it.

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19 Responses to “Ye Old Post Drill”

  1. Eddie

    George, I got one of these drills from a relative whose family owned a silver mine in Idaho. Mine, however, does not have the adjustable chuck on the bottom. I wonder if one could adapt a new chuck to it to make it easier to secure bits?

  2. Stan Stevens

    Drills like this are not uncommon in mid Missouri auctions. I was tempted to buy one because they are so cool but was disuaded by a friend who said they are really inefficient, and there is no more room in my shop anyway.

  3. anthonybyrde

    A very interesting video and lots to think about. Until I read all the fascinating posts below, I assumed it must have been built by the ACME Tool Works of Plymouth, England and came over on the Mayflower...

  4. Kurt

    I have seen one of these. I am on the down side to 70 years old. When I was a kid my grandfather died. He had come to the US from Sweden before I was born, before my dad was born. When my dad was cleaning grandpas basement out he had one of these. He had used it to the day he died. He was a trained cabinet maker and he had no power equip. He made some boxes etc. for magicians. Things would open and close and I would defy anyone to see the joint (that's how magicians did their tricks) and it was all done with hand tools. That's a lost art now. Oh well I can't help with the make or manufacture date. Just thought I'd throw this in.

  5. Brent

    The ACME drill press was sold by Sears as late as 1911 in the same configuration. There is an example here: And here showing the ad:

  6. craig a rice

    hi George I think that I have seen the same drill press on the woodwrights shop , asking Roy Underhill might help .

  7. nurseboy9999

    I grew up with a press like that on the farm (i`m 63) it was old then and my father (he`s 96 ) he had it on the farm when he was young and got it from his father. It still hangs on the same post and works very well with the same forward push wow nice to see another

  8. Jerry Jackman

    We had one that was about 60 gyears old in 1965

  9. Carl D. Leow

    I looked my post drill over and found this: Buffalo Forge Co., Buffalo N. Y. No. 61. Search Buffalo Forge, then Vintage Machinery etc, lots of info, founded 1878, upright drills 1883> founded, model 61 circa 1930's lots of info and reading.

  10. Carl D. Leow

    I looked my post drill over and found this: Buffalo Forge Co., Buffalo N. Y. No. 61. carl

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