Determining a Safe Table Saw Blade Height

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When it comes to blade changes and using a table saw, especially using it safely, there’s more to it than just putting the blade on and making a cut. It’s very important that the table saw blade height is correctly set. It’s easy to do, only takes a second, will help keep you safer on the table saw, AND help your blade cut better.

What’re we looking for?

The first step in getting table saw blade height correct is understanding a little jargon. The valleys between the teeth are called gullets. This is true not only on table saw blades, but on all blades. We’re going to use the gullet as a benchmark to make sure the blade is at the right elevation.

Why bother?

Getting the blade to the right height helps you in a few ways. It minimizes your exposure to the blade; there’s no need to have 3” of blade sticking out of the saw when cutting ¾” stock. And in many cases it helps the blade perform better, optimizing the cut quality.

More on safety

When it comes to using a table saw safely, there’s more to it than just setting the table saw blade height correctly. There are LOTS of things you need to be aware of to avoid table saw accidents. Be sure to have a look at WWGOA’s table saw safety tips to make sure you’re doing everything you can to protect yourself.

Such a versatile tool

Very few woodworkers will argue against the idea that the table saw is the heart of most shops, used extensively for a variety of tasks. Be sure you’re getting the most out of your machine by having a look at more videos on how to use a table saw.

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