George Vondriska

Create As-Needed Work Surfaces

George Vondriska
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Duration:   4  mins

There are times when you need a work surface, and times when you need floor space. Having great work surfaces without tying up floor space can be an ongoing battle of wills in your shop. Until now. Powertec’s Arachni-flex Portable Workstations are a great problem-solver. They fold up into a small footprint when you don’t need them, and easily open into a large work surface when you need it.

Get the size you need

From 2’ x 4’ up to 4’ x 8’, with lots of sizes in between, Powertec has an Arachni-flex that’ll fit your needs. I use the 4’ x 8’, equipped with sacrificial boards, when I’m cutting sheet goods down to manageable sizes. The Workstations are 36” tall.

Add accessories

The Workstations themselves add a lot to your shop. Make ‘em even more versatile by adding accessories. You can get MDF tops for them that are blank, or have ¾” dog holes, or have ¾” dog holes and T-track. The tops fold so they’re easy to store.

And more accessories

There’s a lot of stuff to go along with those MDF tops: stops, hold downs, clamps for lateral pressure, T-track stuff, dog hole stuff, etc. The list of things you can use with the tops is nearly endless.

More info

For more information on the Arachni-flex Portable Workstations and Powertec products, visit the company’s website.

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One Response to “Create As-Needed Work Surfaces”

  1. dana

    Link to Powertec's website doesn't work. Also, it appears that as of 5/9/2024 the arachni-flex products are not in production yet.

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