Jimmy DiResta

Face Frame Assembly Hack

Jimmy DiResta
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Holding face frames together with pocket hole screws is incredibly common. If you’ve used this approach you’ve probably experienced the problem of the frame parts climbing as you drive the screws. Insert a significant eye roll here. All that work to make a nice face frame, and the parts aren’t flush when you’re done.

Hold downs

People have developed a few ways to beat the climb on a face frame assembly. You could grab whatever clamps you have and secure the parts to your workbench. This can get a little awkward; you’re holding the rail and stile, glue on the end of the rail, aligning parts, securing the clamp… You get the picture. A better alternative is a dedicated hold down system. But even these allow the parts to creep sometimes.

Jimmy’s approach is bullet proof

Jimmy has A LOT of woodworking experience, and has built a boat load of face frames. His method for closing the joint and keeping the parts absolutely perfectly flush never fails. There is one caveat to this approach, but it’s not a big deal.

Ready to build your face frames?

When you’re ready to launch into your next cabinetmaking project get started by watching this primer on making face frames.

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