Jimmy DiResta

Make Consistent Miter Saw Cuts

Jimmy DiResta
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Duration:   1 mins

It’s very common when cutting one piece on your miter saw to want to cut multiples. And you want them exactly the same size. Rails and stiles for face frames are a great example. For the face frame to come together square, you’ve got to have stiles that are identical in length and rails that fit the same bill.

When Jimmy DiResta was in the shop, he ran into this while building his stack of drawers cabinet. He showed us a really great trick for getting two parts aligned and perfectly cut. It uses something you probably have laying around in the shop. The key to this technique is getting the boards aligned and keeping them aligned. Like many of Jimmy’s tricks, this is low tech and works like a champ. WWGOA has lots of great tips and techniques for your miter saw. Check them out!

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