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2022 Product Showcase/MiterSet

Paul Mayer
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Duration:   11  mins

Cutting miters on a table saw can be really challenging. Getting the saw’s miter gauge accurately set can make even the most patient woodworker go a little nuts. MiterSet offers a really nice solution for this problem.

There are two products available

MiterSet offers two different products. The MiterSet Standard helps you set your miter gauge at angles up to 52.5-degrees. There are registration holes in the jig at every 5-degrees, and it includes a detent bar that allows you to hit half-degree increments.

MiterSet Segments is similar to MiterSet Standard. The numbers on the MiterSet Segments represent the number of segments you want cut. No need to do the math to figure out what angle to set your miter gauge at for segmented rings. The MiterSet Segments gives you what you need to create rings with up to 20 segments.

The miter gauge bar

Both MiterSet products are designed to be used with miter gauges that have a standard ¾” wide bar.

Easy accuracy

Whether you’re making picture frames, segmented turnings, or anything else that requires accurate cutting of angles, the MiterSet products provide a great short cut to success.

More on joinery

Nothing is more critical in woodworking than having solid joinery so your projects can stand the test of time. Check out the full array of joinery tips and techniques that WWGOA offers.

More info

For more information on MiterSet visit the company’s website or call (517) 310-5088.

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