Paul Mayer

WWGOA LIVE! December 2019

Paul Mayer
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Duration:   59  mins

A big thank you to Paul Mayer for sharing his expertise on December’s WWGOA LIVE.

:55 Paul Mayer Intro
3:25 Flattening a board larger than your jointer
5:11 Hand chisel recommendation
6:40 Add a brake to a bandsaw?
8:00 Change the motor on a dust collector?
9:50 Size of a dust collector
11:40 Cutting cookies from a log
14:30 Hanging air filter vs dust collector
17:00 Outdoor woodworking bench
18:50 George’s saddle square Veritas
19:20 Dust collector for a small space
23:20 Manometer
25:20 Exhausting a dust collector outside
26:30 Router table options
27:40 Finish for plywood
29:18 Reindeer contest
30:50 Portable dust collector?
33:20 After market dust filter American Fabric Filter
34:35 Router for jointing on a router table
35:30 Turning wet oak bowls
37:18 Exotic wood recommendations
37:50 Popping quilting on maple
40:50 Venting a dust collector outside?
43:00 Moisture content for wood
44:00 Manometer for measuring CFM
45:20 Planer or jointer first
48:05 DIY CNC plans?
49:19 Differences in walnut?
50:20 Drying green wood bowls
54:05 Axiom Stratus?
55:05 Final color of air dried cherry vs kiln dried cherry
56:05 Mold when drying bowls
56:30 Dust collector for a new shop

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5 Responses to “WWGOA LIVE! December 2019”

  1. Joe Blumber

    Feedback on Dec 2019 white walnut. The question may have been about English Walnut vs American Black Walnut. Many years ago I head english walnut referred to as 'white walnut'.

  2. Brian Lee

    Can you recommend a moisture meter that is reasonably priced?


    Which is stronger for table top joining - pocket hole screws or Dominos?

  4. Johnny Getz

    I have home made carts for most of my tools and have medium sized shop vacs under each tool. larger tools share a large shop vac while being used. and a dust mask.

  5. Johnny Getz

    George your mic is breaking up....the guests mic is OK

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