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2022 Product Showcase/Grizzly G0634X Jointer/Planer

Paul Mayer
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Duration:   12  mins

We had a close look at Grizzly’s G0634X Jointer/Planer at our 2022 Product Showcase. What a cool tool! Here are the specs on this machine.

Cutter head

The G0634X has a 12” cutterhead. It’s a V-helical cutterhead equipped with four-sided carbide cutters. This is a great feature. When the cutters are dull on one edge simply loosen a bolt and spin the cutter 90-degrees. No fussy resetting of knives.

Capacities and specs

Maximum width, planer or jointer, is 12”. The thickest stock you can feed through the planer is 8”. The planer feeds at 22 fpm (feet per minute). Having a wide jointer is incredibly useful for face jointing your material.

Power plant

The Grizzly jointer/planer is powered by a 220-volt, 25 amp, 5 HP motor.

Converting the machine

The big question, of course, is what it takes to swap from one use to another. You can watch this happen in the video. It only takes a few minutes to make the change, and it’s very easy to do.

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More info

For more info on Grizzly products visit the company’s website or call (800) 523-4777.

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One Response to “2022 Product Showcase/Grizzly G0634X Jointer/Planer”

  1. Ernie Plumley

    This demonstration creates a good feel for the jointer, BUT, I purchased a 8” jointer from grizzly a couple years ago after seeing a demonstration and after I received it, put in together, and ran some boards through it, I was very disappointed. I ended up returning it because I couldn’t get it to join boards precise. I ended up getting a powermatic 8” helical jointer and am very happy with it after I did all my adjustments.

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