Paul Mayer

2021 Product Showcase: Rikon Planer

Paul Mayer
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Duration:   9  mins

Rikon’s new benchtop planer has a lot going for it. Let’s have a look at this machine.


This is a 6” x 13” machine. Thickness capacity is 6”, and width capacity is 13”. It has a 15-amp motor, and the cutter head moves on four threaded rods. Instead of knives this planer uses individual cutters.

What’s the deal with the cutterhead?

The cutterhead is made up of individual high speed steel cutters. The cutters are double-edged so when one edge is dull, simply rotate the cutter to the fresh edge. Swapping the cutters is very easy and doesn’t require any kind of alignment procedure. The alignment is automatic.


Having two feed speeds available on a planer is very handy. The lower speed, providing more cuts per inch of material, will provide a better surface finish on any material, but is really good for chip-prone materials like birds eye maple, birch or any other highly figured wood.

Depth of cut indicator

Instead of guessing how much you’re taking off with each pass, Rikon’s depth of cut indicator shows you exactly how much will be removed. This is a great way to avoid accidentally overloading the planer.


The Rikon planer includes a stop system that lets you preset the thickness of material you’re aiming for, and repeatedly hit that exact thickness.

More info

For more information on Rikon products visit the company’s website or call (877) 884-5167.

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