Paul Mayer

Arbortech Power Carver and Precision Carving System

Paul Mayer
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Duration:   13  mins

Man, this is a fun tool to use. I’ve turned many bowls on the lathe and enjoyed that, but carving them free with this system is SO much fun. You can let the wood talk to you and, in part, dictate its final shape. There’s much room for your artistic side to flow with this tool.

The Power Carver

Arbortech’s Power Carver was specifically designed to be used for power carving (no surprise there). Its variable speed can help with control, and has amazing dust collection on its shrouds. Power carving can be extremely messy work. The addition of dust collection to these tools is priceless. Use it for carving and sanding.

Turbo Plane

The Turbo Plane is used for shaping, planning, and sculpting. Use it with the leveling shroud on the Power Carver to produce flat surfaces. Or use it with the chip catcher to shape the outside and hollow the inside of bowls and platters.

Precision Carving System

The Precision Carving System is the way to go when you want to add small details to your work. It includes a ball gouge, barrel carver, and sanding drum.

Watch the entire process

With time constraints on the Product Showcase, I moved quickly through the tasks that Arbortech’s system can do. Watch this video to see a beautiful box elder bowl carved from start to finish, including using the leveling shroud to flatten the back.

More info

For more information on the Power Carver, Turbo Plane, Precision Carving System, and other Arbortech tools, visit the company’s website or call (866) 517-7869.

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