George Vondriska

Power Carve a Bowl

George Vondriska
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Duration:   9  mins

The Arbortech Power Carving unit is a lot of fun to use. It’s similar to an angle grinder, but specifically set up for power carving. It can be used with cutters or with a sanding disc, and it’s got variable speed. It also has a leveling shroud, with dust collection, and an additional shroud that provides dust collection but allows you to get into tighter areas.

What’s with the leveling shroud?

The leveling shroud acts like an outrigger. It helps control your depth of cut, which can be fine tuned, and also helps you keep the cutter level so you don’t gouge your material. Whether you’re flattening a bowl or platter, or leveling a large live edge slab, this is a great benefit. You can use the leveling shroud with a cutter or with the sanding disc.

Cutting or sanding

You can take your projects from roughing to finished with the Power Carving unit because you can use cutters like the Turbo Plane, or swap the cutters out for a hook and loop sanding disc. You’ll most likely start with the leveling shroud to get the pieces flat, then swap to the other shroud for the rest of your shaping and sanding.

Variable speed?

Having variable speed is a nice benefit because it gives you more control. You can reduce the amount of material you’re removing by simply lowering the rpm of the machine. This is very handy as you get to the final stages of shaping and sanding.

More with Arbortech

Want to see more of what the Arbortech tools can do? Have a look at the video of this cutter and this video on their contour sander.

More info

For more info on Arbortech products visit the website or call (866) 517-7869.

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4 Responses to “Power Carve a Bowl”

  1. Dennis Lang

    A very interesting tool, I see many uses for this tool, especially in free hand woodworking.

  2. Michael J Bio

    Enjoyed video

  3. Brian Knowles

    Love it and would happily buy one tomorrow, but the high price here in the UK .. Hhhmm .. will need a bank loan ! But it's on the list. Thks

  4. Alec

    Do you have to have the arbortech grinder to use the shroud? Or can you use it on a dewalt or other brand?

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