Paul Mayer

2021 Product Showcase: Titebond Glue

Paul Mayer
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Duration:   15  mins

Titebond makes a HUGE array of glue. This comprehensive coverage of the bonds available from Titebond will help you make the right choice.

Strength of glue

Before jumping into the different types of glue, it’s essential to understand that all of these glues will more than satisfy the strength requirements you have for your projects. When your joinery is sound, and you pick the suitable adhesive, the glue joint is stronger than the surrounding wood. If you’re a non-believer, have a look at this video about the strength of glue joints.

Titebond Original, II and III

Of the stable of Glues available from Titebond, their Original, II, and III are the most mainstream products and probably the bonds you’ll use the most. Original is excellent for your everyday furniture and cabinet-making projects. II is water-resistant and the go-to for outdoor furniture. III is waterproof and the glue of choice for projects that will be wet most of the time, like planters.

A question we get ALL the time: instead of keeping a variety of glues in the shop, can Titebond III be used for all projects? The answer is yes; it would quickly satisfy your daily woodworking needs.

The other stuff

Watch the video for complete details, but here’s an overview of other Titebond products:

  • CA glue provides an instant bond and is excellent for repairs
  • Polyurethane glue needs water to cure and is waterproof
  • Hide glue is reversible and used for instrument assembly and veneer
  • Speed Set dries fast and shows up under black light
  • Quick and Thick is less prone to dripping than other glues
  • Extend gives you more open time to do the work

More info

For more information on Titebond products, visit the company’s website or call (800) 877-4583.

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3 Responses to “2021 Product Showcase: Titebond Glue”

  1. Craig Noel

    I've been using Titebond hide glue more and more, I really like the long open time. Also, something you didn't mention is how easy clean up is for squeeze out. A wet paper towel or cotton swab gets into tight spots.

  2. Jay

    I have personally found that the best and strongest of the Titebond (TB) glues is their TB-2. TB-3 has a longer set-up time and when doing complicated, interlocking assemblies, that would seem to be a better option, except that it seems to never completely dry. It remains gummy and I have had numerous furniture pieces that have separated after using TB-3 (with adequate clamping), anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 years later, and none were exposed to water. Now, when I need a longer setup time, I use TB-Hide glue. It takes about 2 days to fully dry in Houston. You can fairly easily wash off any drips and squeeze-out with a damp sponge. It doesn't seem to interfere as much with staining, but in general, sometimes it's best to stain first, assemble second. I have had zero failures with hide glue after 40+ years. TB-2 is stronger if you can get your project assembled and positioned in less than 10-15 minutes. TB-2 dries over night. Glue-ups done the evening before with TB-2 are lathe-ready by the next morning.

  3. Patrick Cook

    Thanks for the informative video. I would like to make one suggestion. Since this is a paid site and you have access to representatives. Could you please reach out to manufacturers prior to the video to answer any questions. (I.e. using dies in the glues)

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