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WWGOA LIVE! November 2018

WWGOA Editors
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Duration:   1  hrs 4  mins

A big thank you to Matt Cremona for letting us visit his shop and run our live stream from there. We had a lot of questions on milling lumber, and Matt is an expert on that topic.

:50 Matt’s introduction www.mattcremona.com
5:30 Amazing piece of crotch walnut
6:50 Chainsaw with a 66” bar
7:47 Milling a river log
11:30 Air drying lumber
13:35 Sharpening a scraper
17:50 Maker meet up in MN
18:50 Tightening sequence of clamps
19:50 Uses for barn wood
21:36 Choice of wood for stickers
24:40 Keeping bark on live edge slabs
28:20 Quarter sawn vs plain sawn wood
31:40 Strapping stacks for air drying
33:55 Drying oak burls
36:00 Taking care of punky spots in wood
37:50 Advice on sawing logs
42:20 Longevity of bandsaw blades on the sawmill
43:40 Expansion/contraction of crotch pieces
44:25 Selling reclaimed wood
46:40 Old growth lumber
49:36 Matt’s bowls
50:33 Harvesting turning blanks
53:00 Where does Matt’s furniture end up?
53:34 Matt’s location
53:45 Type of furniture Matt likes to build
54:40 Uses for pecan
55:35 Box elder
57:17 Leigh dovetail jigs
58:07 Why cut wood green?
59:58 Rikon low speed grinder
1:00 Milling time of cherry log on a chainsaw mill
1:00:59 Magnolia for bowls?
1:01:20 Matt’s shop

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