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A Review of WWGOA

WWGOA Editors
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At WWGOA, we work very hard to create great content for you to enjoy. But, unlike when George teaches in person, we don’t typically get face-to-face interaction. It’s wonderful to hear from an everyday user what they think about WWGOA, and how much they enjoy it.

Paul’s history with WWGOA

Paul has been watching WWGOA videos for over a year. He’s mostly interested in turning, but has watched a variety of WWGOA woodworking videos.

What he likes

Paul is a big fan of George’s teaching style, considering it personable and accessible, with simple explanations. George’s teaching, Paul says, makes him feel like he can do that too.

One of Paul’s favorite things…

Paul is very appreciative of the search window on the WWGOA home page. He likes to drop topics there to see just what info we have on that subject.

He also likes the additional personalities we’re bringing in, including Ethan Abramson, Jim Heavey, Jimmy DiResta, Char Miller-King, and Elisha Albretsen.

Have a look for yourself

If you want to get a feel for what WWGOA is all about, check out our huge list of free videos.

Share tips, start a discussion or ask one of our experts or other students a question.

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