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WWGOA LIVE! September 2016

WWGOA Editors
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Duration:   58  mins

We had an excellent live stream, with no technical issues and great expertise help from Jim Heavey of WOOD Magazine. Glue ups to turning to screw selection, we covered a lot of ground.

0:23 Jim Heavey introduction
2:06 What type of wood screws for the shop?
4:11 Case hardening and table saw cuts
6:45 Depth of cut when routing a dado
9:08 Home center vs hardwood supplier material
11:10 Jim at The Woodworking Show
12:15 Using a hand planer to flatten wood
14:28 Using an abrasive cleaning stick on a surface sander
16:35 Tips for gluing up panels
19:28 Avoiding tear out when using a scraper on the inside of a bowl
24:08 Removing nails from reclaimed hardwood
27:56 Weekend with Wood 2017
29:30 What’s the deal with parallel jaw clamps?
33:54 Jointer or planer?
36:27 110 v or 220 v?
37:17 Hands on classes at Vondriska Woodworks
39:00 Food safe finish for hot drinks
42:00 Table saw blades
44:17 Sharpening on a WorkSharp 3000
47:55 Skydiving
48:56 Wiping glue?
51:15 Mill to final dimension, or wait a day?
53:30 Slow drying poly
55:45 Woodworking videos on a Shopsmith
57:00 Our viewers are from…

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