12 Woodworking Projects and Gift Ideas for the Kitchen

Much like wood shops, kitchens are full of tools and utensils. Why not customize some of them? You can build lots of useful items for your kitchen right in your own shop! These projects are great ideas for gifts too, who doesn’t like to receive something handmade?

Walnut Knife Block

Minimize clutter and organize your kitchen knives with a walnut knife block. This design stores seven knives of varying sizes. We’ve got another knife block plan in video format, if you need more instruction.

Kitchen Step Stool

This is a quick and easy project that is incredibly useful in the kitchen, or anywhere else in your house you may have trouble reaching things. Find the plans here.

Butter Board and Spreader Set

The butter board is a good use of any miscellaneous scrap wood you have lying around. It’s easy to make, but looks impressive on the dinner table.

Pasta Making Paddle

Pasta is one of those things that sounds difficult to make from scratch, but is deceptively simple. You can make the process even SIMPLER by making a pasta paddle. This paddle design is specifically for cavatelli pasta, which is similar to gnocchi.

Paper Towel Holder

Here’s another kitchen essential you can make yourself. Since it’s not mounted on a wall, this paper towel holder can be stored anywhere it’s most needed. Find the plans here.

Grill Scraper

The best part about this grill scraper design is that it custom fits to any grill of your choice. The grill grates slowly burn into the wood grain, and the more you use it, the deeper it cleans!

Holiday Serving Utensils

These serving utensils can be used for many things, but are best for pies and cakes. Crafted from two wood species, these utensils look elegant, but are practical and functional.

Recipe Box

These days, it seems everyone is storing recipes online. But what about those great, old recipes passed down through generations or collected from friends? Keep them in a safe place with this recipe box design.

Napkin Holder and Matching Trivets

Much like the butter board, this project is a good addition to any dinner table. It’s practical, simple, and an interesting conversation starter for guests. Find out how to make your own napkin holder here.

Wine Holders

Need to store a bottle…. maybe multiple bottles of wine? You can make the gravity defying bottle balancer, or create a whole wine rack. If you’re not a wine drinker, they make great gifts!

Serving Trays

This recessed serving tray design is modified to be “built up” instead of plowed down with a router. The handles are cut from the main panel in order to conserve wood and time.

Travel Mugs

Seeing as over half of the US population drinks coffee, chances are you know a coffee drinker. Or maybe you are one yourself! Either way, these personalized travel mugs are a nice, durable, and reusable project for the coffee drinker in your life.

Do you have any favorite gift ideas you’ve made in the shop? Let us know in the comments.

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16 Responses to “12 Woodworking Projects and Gift Ideas for the Kitchen”

  1. Richard Harwood

    These are good projects but if you do not have the equipment, like jointers and planers, drill presses, band saws, etc., then they are actually pretty useless.

    • EDWARD

      These can all be made with hand tools if you don’t have machinery. But, what is useless is your comment.

  2. Cyro Alves Penna

    Ótimas idéias para presentear e ou utilizar para uso próprio e ter a satisfação de executar o trabalho.