Finishing Part 1: The Perfect Finish Starts with Sanding

Duration: 6:23

Jim Heavey from WOOD Magazine starts a three-step process for creating a perfect finish on your next woodworking project with tips on sanding. The first step is to understand the properties of different grades of sand paper and knowing when to use each. Jim takes you step-by-step through the sanding process.

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5 Responses to “Finishing Part 1: The Perfect Finish Starts with Sanding”
  1. james copeland

    on a normal flat surface will you stop at 220/240 grit. is there a reason to not go let’s say to 320?

    • Customer Service

      Good afternoon,

      Here is what our expert had to say:

      No, there’s no downside to sanding beyond that. It’s just that there are diminishing returns for your sanding effort.

      Woodworkers Guild of America

  2. Susan Mercurio

    I can’t find unfinished furniture anywhere any more, even online. Where can I get it? I’m in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

    • Customer Service

      Sorry, but we do not have any sources for this.

      Woodworkers Guild of America