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Posthaste Project: Magnetic Bottle Opener with Cap Catcher

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Duration:   2  mins

If you’re looking for a woodworking project people will love that you can make in a hurry from scrap, this Posthaste Project is it. Grab a chunk from your scrap bin, bore a few holes, do a little routing, mount the hardware and you’ll have something really catchy. (That’ll make more sense when you see the project.)

It’s SOOO easy
You may have seen a magnetic bottle opener with cap catcher in stores or online, and tried to figure out how to make one for yourself. What size magnet? Where do you place the magnet? Where do you get the hardware? No sweat, Woodworkers Guild of America has you covered. This instructional video is short, but it has every bit of information you need for this woodworking project.

Change it up
The only thing that’s really critical is the relationship between the opener and the magnet. So, be creative! Use your bandsaw and cut the backer in the shape of a bottle. Carve someone’s name into the backer. There are lots of options for personalizing your magnetic bottle opener with cap catcher.

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4 Responses to “Posthaste Project: Magnetic Bottle Opener with Cap Catcher”

  1. Donald Hofstee

    Love the video. Not sure why I have to watch 30 second commercials when I paid for the gold membership?

  2. Joy

    Curious if anyone tried using a smaller rare earth magnet than the 1" magnet - those things are darned expensive! I was hoping to make some of these for Christmas gifts but don't want it to run up the bills. Would the 1/2" work well at catching the caps? Even two of them instead of the 1" would be cheaper. Same hole doubled up or separate holes?

  3. Doug

    great short quick video. loved it. actually had the openers and magnets in the shop for stocking stuffers and saturday they will be done. THANKS. (from a member...)

  4. Greg

    Love the video....I build the exact same thing, but the only changes I have made is I use two sets of magnets and use an antiqued bottle opener. I also spar urethane it so it can be inside or outside. I use keyhole hangers also so there isn't any outside markings other then the bottle opener.

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