A Better Push Stick from ADS

Duration: 3:55

Ripping thin strips on a table saw is a precarious operation so it is critical to use good safety equipment. Watch as Paul Mayer reviews an innovative push stick design from ADS.

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3 Responses to “A Better Push Stick from ADS”
  1. Steve Gronsky
    Steve Gronsky

    Amazon also has this item available for $21.87 as of 12/12/14 ……. See item
    ” Tool Designs 10230 Power Hands Push Stick ”
    I own one. It is GREAT. You get great pressure and a very secure feeling due to your hand being so far from the blade.

  2. paul mayer
    paul mayer

    Cool! Thanks, Steve. I should also add that I have now been using this push stick regularly in my shop for a couple years and I continue to love it. It has held up well and still gives great control over the work piece. It also comes with an alternative rubber grip pad that has a 45 degree angle notched into it which I have used when milling cope and stile doors on the router table. Makes it easy apply pressure at just the right angle when running the pieces through.