2022 Product Showcase/Kreg Foreman

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Duration: 8:37

Pocket holes provide an amazingly fast and easy way to create woodworking joints. The Kreg Foreman lets you create pocket holes SO fast. If you use pocket holes you should have a look at this tool.

The specs

The Kreg Foreman works with material from ½” to 1-½” thick. The fence is easily adjustable to allow you to get precise depth of your pocket holes. The Foreman is a 110-volt machine and includes really good dust collection. At only 20-pounds it’s very easy to move around.


Pocket holes tend to be a repetitive task. You’re most likely not making one or two, you’re making a gazillion. Think of all the pocket holes in a kitchen full of face frames. The Foreman offers a couple things that simplify this. Markings on the table show you where to position the fence so it’s at the right spot for the thickness of material you’re using. Two spring-loaded stops on the fence allow you to repeatedly and accurately position your material.

Going bigger or smaller?

If you’re consistently working with thin or thick material you might want to add the Micro-Pocket Bit or Heavy-Duty Bit and guides that go with them. The Micro bit is 19/64” diameter and great for thin (½”) material. The Heavy-Duty bit is ½” diameter and is great for thicker stock.

Accurately cutting parts

We’ve also had a close look at Kreg’s Adaptive Cutting System. It’s great for accurately cutting your parts to size.

More info

For more information on Kreg products visit the company’s website or call (800) 447-8638.

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