2020 Product Showcase: ShopBot Handibot

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Duration: 10:28

ShopBot’s Handibot is a very cool CNC machine. Unlike lots of other CNC routers, it’s portable. The cutting window in the machine is 6” x 8”, but work can be tiled allowing you to cut any size you want to cut. Text to 3D artwork, this machine has lots of capabilities.

Driving the Handibot

There are a number of ways you can create designs for the Handibot. VCarve software is very commonly used for CNC routers, and can be used with the Handibot. It also interfaces with devices like an iPad or phone via the ShopBot app.

The app

The ShopBot app has lots of capabilities. It allows you to zero the axes and do lots of designs within the app. One of the coolest aspects is the Sketch function. It’s so simple!! You can create a design with your fingertip on the screen of the device, and that design automatically becomes a toolpath for the Handibot. Press the play button, and seconds later the piece is complete.

The hardware

The Handibot comes equipped with a Dewalt router that accepts standard router bits. Dust collection on the Handibot is very good. The tool requires minimal assembly and set up. You’ll be cutting with it in no time.

The Handibot is a very diverse tool that offers lots of options to the user.

More info

For more information about the Handibot visit the company’s website or call (866) 629-8230.

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  1. Robert Lanier
    Robert Lanier

    Just figured it out. They don’t sell it anymore. You may want to take this video down

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      Customer Service

      Hello Robert,

      Thank you for your feedback. I have forwarded your comment to the proper department. We value your opinion, and it will help with the development of our online streaming community. We will continue to listen and work hard for your complete satisfaction.

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